DIYSEARCH started in 1994 as a place to catalog all of the amazing things people were doing with zines, and record labels, bands, publishers you name it. It was a passion project created to serve the underground DIY scene but also as a way to learn how to build websites in the very new and very rough world of the world wide web.

The site was launched in late 1994 as a simple CGI script written in perl and then as it found an audience, started to grow, even to a point of being written about in some of the early technical publications, like Wired.

As the years went by the site had grown, been redesigned, rebuilt a number of times, but as other projects and priorities started to take over in the 1990's, the site began to stagnate. In the first part of the 21st century there was an effort to give the site a facelift and modernize, and even brought on a volunteer editor to help curate and run the site, which for a couple years worked really well, but again around 2006, life demands take over, the site started breaking and with the advent of Reddit and Digg and other larger more popular avenues rendering diysearch irrelevant.

Over the last decade the site was effective shut down. After some serious soul searching and where life has put me, it is my intention to finally be rid of this entirely.

the DIYSEARCH.COM domain is now for sale. Any real, interested buyers can email:

diysearchcom (at)

Thank you to everyone who ever posted to diysearch, wrote about it, linked to it. it served its purpose.